Fresh Pouch Cigars

Exclusive: 1492 DISCOVERY CHURCHILL Sized Premium Cigar - Foil Sealed - Pre-Cut- w/ Box Matches - Always Fresh "SMO-KIT"

Always Fresh Sealed Pouch Premium Cigars

Golf, Fishing, Boating, Travel, Biking, RV, Camping "SMO-KIT" FREE SHIPPING

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Foil packaged cigars are ready to be enjoyed anywhere in all weather conditions

The Go Anywhere Cigar!

Our 1492 DISCOVERY premium cigar "SMO-KIT" pouch is the only Fresh Pouch offering a pre-cut cigar together with a box of matches. Also always available Major Brand Name Product in sealed foil pouch offered only here at

1492 Discovery Churchill "SMO-KIT"™

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Fresh Pouch Cigars

Premium hand rolled cigars, each packaged in a special airtight, foil lined pouch that keeps your favorite cigars fresh without a humidor.

Take with you anywhere!